Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Subway with Dad

Today was nice. I went to Subway with my dad and had a nice lunch.

As mediocre as that sounds, I look forward to these lunches/outings due to the fact that my dad is forever busy with running his business. Since he's an entrepreneur he works around the clock, and when he's not working, he's usually too tired to do anything but eat and rest. However, he's been like that my entire life, even before he started his own business.

My mom of course was batshit and would think that whenever he was out of town with his welding gig he was cheating. According to my dad, the only mistress he ever had was Work.

So like I said, whenever he makes time for me I feel extremely special. We pretty much just talked more about college and whether or not I wanted to stick with advertising, and about my AP scores which came in.

I made a 3 on my AP US History test and a 4 on my AP English Language and Composition test, meaning that I passed both of them, but only got college credit for English. Ah well, I honestly did the best in my ability on the APUSH test however I didn't feel like my teacher adequately prepared me for it. That being said, at least I didn't fail it! Also, in case your school doesn't do AP, it's pretty much just a wide-range knowledge test over the subject and is scored on a scale of 1-5(being the highest) and you are eligible for college credit if you manage to get a 4 or 5.

Next year I'll be taking 6 AP exams. Wait, did you guys hear that? I think that was my social life evaporating into thin air. Oh well. At least for right now I can just focus on being happy because my tummy is full of a yummy delicious Subway sandwich.


  1. My dad is the same way, actually, except he's a doctor. What sucks is that when I was little I always wished I could spend time with him, but now that he's not taking calls anymore and actually has time I'm the one that's busy... Sigh. I'm glad you could have a nice lunch and spend time with him though!

    Good job with your APs! I still haven't gotten my score for APUSH in the mail and don't wanna fork over 8 bucks to call, so we'll see... And holy crap, six?! That is insane! And I thought I'd be swamped taking three! That sounds like cake in comparison to six... I'll remember that any time I feel like complaining, haha. :P

  2. Congrats on your scores, they are fantastic! I can relate to your dad, me and my dad used to be really close, but now he's trying to start a fish business (? I don't know why, haha) I can't believe that next year it will be six, seems like pressure, but I am sure that you can overcome that (:

  3. WAIT WHAT?! 6?!?! You crazy!!!! Haha no but really good job on both anyway!!!

  4. SIX?!??!?! LIKE, TWO PLUS FOUR?!?! SIX?!?!?