Friday, July 29, 2011

My brain is going to explode. Again.

As I type this my parents are discussing whether or not I should apply for early action/decision for college. I'm a little antsy. And excited.Hopefully if all goes as planned I'll know by November 23rd on whether or not I'm accepted. Then if I am indeed accepted I get to start the wonderful process of filling out their Presidential Scholarship form and applying for their blogging team.

Since last year I've been doing all sorts of scholarship things and I'm also antsy about the fact that within next month they'll be announcing the winners and whatnot.

As for my AP Enviro. homework, I've managed to complete part of it! Hooray! Now I just need to finish it. After writing my last post I felt immensely guilty and I just plowed through until I literally almost fell asleep on my laptop. I dreamed of big leaf mahoganies, and of course, Anderson Cooper.

Yesterday I had a meeting with Ashley concerning Yearbook things and we actually ended up getting a lot done. We met again today and pretty much ironed out most of the management issues and what we were going to tackle when it came to meeting our new staff. I start to itch with excitement whenever I realize that WE will be in charge of making something that the rest of our senior class is going to cherish and hold dear once they exit high school. Or at least that's what I imagine they will do when they see how awesome it is.

Anyways, back to the title of my post. I've been filling out scholarship forms like a crazy madwoman, and you can tell. I spend all day in either shorts or sweats, my hair is in a permanent bun atop my head and--- you should have seen my eyebrows yesterday. They were beastly. Luckily I plucked them early this morning so they don't look too awful.

BTW, I can't stand it when guys say that they hate when girls get their eyebrows done. I knew a guy (that I almost dated) who would rant about how pointless it was. Pointless? I asked him if he would ever date a girl with a unibrow, and he responded with a quick "No way!"


Well yeah, I guess it would be pointless to pluck your eyebrows if you never ever wanted to date.
Needless to say I'm glad I never dated him because apparently he has no idea the time and effort (and not to mention pain) that goes into being a girl. Silly boy, girls aren't naturally hairless minxes!

Also, on yet another completely offbeat tangent: I've fallen in love with dryer sheets. Yes, you read right, DRYER SHEETS. According to this informative article on HelloGiggles, it can be used as mouse repellent, a dusting sheet, odor eater for shoes, static guard, and bee repellent.

Recently I've been using them for dusting, and I must say that they actually work better than those silly swifter things (sidenote: only use the "used" dryer sheets for dusting). Pretty much everyone in my family knows how much I completely DESPISE dusting. It's so tedious, especially when you're like me and you have 20 gazillion trinkets that you have to pick up and dust individually. Gah. But by recycling my used dryer sheets I feel motivated by the smugness I acquire by knowing that I am not only cleaning and dusting, but also being GREEN.

Ok. So I should probably stop myself before I continue to ramble on and on and on and--- well you get the idea.

Oh, but before I forget, if you're participating in Christopher's homework assignment I'd like to
give you guys a little motivation.
And I did it all without having to resort to anonymity. If I can do it, so can you! Plus, it's really great for stress relief. Personally I pretended my insults were being directed towards a certain someone that I've become annoyed by as of late.


  1. I looooove your Bio under your profile..."I'm the reason your eyebrows are permanently raised" lol so hilarious you are!

  2. Sounds like a lot to grapple with. That's why, when it comes to college, I'm just going to skip it and become a street musician.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I think you're the only one who completed the homework assignment. Which makes you my star student. I might just have to give a "SOLITARY BLOGGER WHO COMPLETED MY HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT" award on my blog.

    Have a good day.

  3. I am contemplating whether I'm going to apply early decision too... on one hand it would be fantastic to know if you got in so early, but also it could just bring devastating news even sooner... argh. STRESS.

    It sounds like you've been productive, though. Which is more than I can say for myself.

    I mean, I understand why it's ridiculous to pluck eyebrows so much that they look hideously scrawny, but there's certainly nothing wrong with getting rid of the excess that's "outside the lines" or whatever, haha...