Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I really need to NOT procrastinate.

So aside from my parents procrastinating about ordering two books for me off of Amazon (consequently causing me to "procrastinate" reading them), I've been procrastinating about my AP Environmental Science homework.

THERE. I admit it.

But honestly, it's not for lack of trying! I've already picked out my 3 endangered species, read up, collected data, come up with witty transitions--- it's just actually putting it in essay form that has me literally staring at the screen for five minutes, only to get distracted by my dog, who needs to go outside ALL THE FREAKING TIME. Ok. Blaming my dog and lack of proper yard fencing isn't fair. I also get distracted on Google news.

Oh, and I also sometimes find myself Googling pictures of Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Christopher Gorham, and the majority of the male Harry Potter cast. Interestingly enough, Matthew Lewis, the actor who played Neville Longbottom has become really handsome as of late. No really, LOOK AT HIM. Not to mention his charming accent AND he's quite funny on Twitter. Guys, I think I'm in celebri-love (sorry John Stamos, but the love I had for you when I was 5 has slowly dissipated).

Also, I find myself wondering why I even signed up for AP Enviro. I mean, the teacher is infamously harsh and known for making her students cry (some find this quality oddly endearing...) and the course load is INSANE. Oh, did I mention her name is Eunice?--- it's almost too good to be true. I really didn't want a blow off science class though. I mean, our Forensics class literally just watches Bones all the time and learns how to make synthetic marijuana.

I also didn't want to go to college only to end up having to adjust to taking difficult classes. Pragmatically I realize that keeping momentum is probably for the best, but I can't help but wonder what I signed myself up for.

AP Breakdown and future excuse as to why I won't blog as much during the school year: AP Economics, AP Govt., AP Environmental Science, AP Studio Art, AP Art History, AP English (literature). That's 6 honor courses that I have the potential to get college credit for--- if I ace the exams at the end of the year.

Not to mention I'm yearbook Co-Editor, so my time is going to be sparse as it is. I really don't want to drop any of my honors courses, but I'd also like to avoid having a mental breakdown due to all of the stress that I'll probably have. Hopefully I'll actually form, and meet with study groups during the year.

Anyways, this post was pretty much a form of procrastination towards my AP Enviro homework. I sat down and typed an introductory paragraph about big leaf mahoganies, only to erase all of it because it was complete and utter crap. Ugh.

OH. Dude. I just read on the news that Alex Trebek, the host of Jeopardy injured his Achilles tendon CHASING a burglar! How kick ass is that? Btw, I'm a die hard Jeopardy fan. Sexy, I know.

OH. And just in case you were too lazy to click on any of the Matthew Lewis related links:
Insert dirty Harry Potter pick up line here: ____________________________________

Yeah... I don't think those papers are going to get done anytime soon -.-


  1. Ohhh, I love that picture of him SO MUCH!!!

    Umm...where were we?

  2. I don't have any AICE summer homework/projects (probably because I'm still taking exams in June, weeks after school has ended for me) but I worry if that's a bad thing. I am going to try to go over more A level Biology stuff (if I do well on A levels I will get college credit) make more Spanish flash cards and ugh, a lot of other stuff. Yet since it's not worth a grade itself, motivating myself to do it is hard.

    I've always liked Neville.

    And, honest to goodness, I almost got in a fight with Alex Trebek. Long story short, my oldest brother was on a Jeopardy! teen tournament back in 2007, my family flew out to be in the audience (obviously), Alex answers questions during breaks, I asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, he told me "older" and I replied, "well, you got your wish," he heard me, took off his jacket, rolled up his sleeves and said, "you want to fight me, young lady?" Yeah, it was hilarious. :D

  3. @Drew His smile is so dreamy! -swoons-

    @Lizzie Haha, I can't motivate myself despite the fact that my homework is two separate major grades >.< And your Alex Trebek experience was too cool! I'm super jealous that you actually got to talk to him...!

  4. Dang! That is a lot of AP! Last year I took AP comp gov in high school and I hated it! Ive always taken honors and AP science courses though. Last year I took forensics as a fun class and it was really cool! Too bad your school doesnt have a forensics class like that. :/

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  5. Oh myyyy he is so....just...oh my so gorgeous!

    Hopefully you'll get to your homework soon! I know I've put mine off too...

  6. Seems we have the same problem, haha (: