Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'm going to talk about the last HP movie

For a long time I had been mentally preparing myself for the end of this series. Sure, like everyone else I knew how the movie was going to end, I knew who was going to die, and of course I knew the happy ending that was awaiting everyone. However seeing the final movie cemented what I had known all along: Harry's story was finally over. I will never see Dan Radcliffe in those trademark glasses, nor will I see James and Oliver Phelps in all their ginger glory ever again.

The cinematography was absolutely brilliant, and the book to film adaptation was nice. Yes, I was a little disappointed that they had left some things out--- however when has Hollywood NOT left out important details? I was greatly upset that the movie was only a mere 131 minutes and also the shortest of the eight films. Personally I would have liked a Lord of the Rings type movie that would have been tremendously long(or at least over 200 minutes), but we can't have everything.

Honestly though, I had a great experience during the film. Throughout the entire movie I was a bit teary, and I was especially so during Snape's memories. Seeing as how Fred was one of my favorite characters I was a little sad that they didn't put more emphasis on his death, but then again, I probably would have cried like a baby if they had. Currently I'm trying to fill the gaping hole left in my heart now that the films are over with re-reading the books, fanfiction about George Weasley, and kicking holes into walls. Ok. I lied about the last one. I'm really actually just playing tug of war with my doggie.

And, at least we'll have Pottermore!


  1. last one felt disappointing imo. and i would like a 'happy burger' to go

  2. Yeah, I was mad it was so short too... I mean... WHY?! I would have gladly sat there for, like, three hours... But yeah, I am glad that at least there's still Pottermore to ease our troubles. :)

  3. yes, it was far too short. :(
    i agree, hollywood always leave out important bits.
    yay for pottermore!!! :D

  4. My friend completely FREAKED out when the Harry Potter series ended, so it's okay, haha, but pottermore seems awesome