Monday, July 4, 2011

My Bag

Well, hey there!

A while back Lizzie did a ‘what’s in your bag’ type of post, and being a bandwagon-y type of person I decided to do one too.

I’ve had this bag since, my gosh. I think the 7th grade--- which means I’ve had it for about 6 years. It’s not the bag that I use all the time, but whenever I’m in a rush and I just need to throw everything in a bag and get out the door this is usually the bag I grab. This girl Savannah that I used to be friends with gave it to me because she was sick of it (after only having it for 2 months!) so I gladly relieved her of it. I love this bag because it’s HUGE and it’s good if I’m packing to go somewhere on the weekend, or if I’m sneaking a box of sushi into the movie theater. Plus, it’s very bohemian and I can wear it with almost my entire wardrobe, unlike some of my other bags.


1. My pencil/paintbrush/x-acto knife case! It has all of my art utensils that I use when I’m on the go. It was a gift from my Great Aunt Judy.

2. My Texas wallet that I bought at the Alamo. Yeah it’s kitschy, but it’s so convenient! While my more fashionable friends think it’s tacky and roll their eyes at the sight of it, I love its inherent Texan charm. Plus it has a strap for my house key, the only key I posess.

3. The coolest kaleidoscope ever. I got it at the cracker barrel, and whenever I’m bored at school or in a vehicle travelling I just whip it out and enjoy the pretty colors. It was a gift from my (nice) grandparents.

4. A mirror compact, that was also a gift from someone that I don’t really talk to anymore. It smells like cherry blossoms.

5. My tiny, tiny phone. Since I don’t really text a lot my parents didn’t really want to invest in anything fancy.

6. RED MOLESKIN! I love this thing. I bought it about 2 years ago and all of the pages are almost full. I need to buy a new one. Also, I have about 3 full pages of nothing but chinese fortunes. I saved all of my favorite ones.

7. Yet another journal. I use it mainly for non-artsy things like interviews, homework reminders, personal reminders and whatnot.

8. A flashlight that was a gift from Hannah’s mom to use while we were at camp. Since it was a low-tech camp there were very few lights and after each nigh activity we had to walk back to our cabins as quickly as possible in order to make it back in time for curfew. It was literally a 10 minute walk that required us to walk through forest-y and swampy areas, so it was imperative to bring something to light a walkway. If you didn’t you’d either trip over massive tree roots or step into marshes and get all wet and soggy. I haven’t taken it out of my bag because you never know if you’ll need a flashlight!

9. A make-up bag that I got for Christmas from my aunt Andria. 80% of the time I don’t wear make-up, but when I do it’s usually just eye make-up. I also have band-aids, bobby pins, and a emergency sewing kit inside. It’s good to be prepared!

Geez. Now that I read this, over half of my stuff is just stuff that people gave me. Eh, I’m cool with free stuff :P

What about the rest of you guys? I’m curious to see what you carry around on a daily basis…


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  3. <3

    That bag is so cute. Your friend was crazy to let go of it! And I like your wallet. It does have a nice Texas charm.

    Awesome post. Whoever gave you the idea to do this must be a genius. ;D

  4. I think your blog is one of the greatest. it's really unique! :)