Sunday, July 3, 2011


In my last post I said that I cut my hair, which prompted some of you to ask for a picture of what it looks like now. Well here you go! Sorry if it’s a bit anti-climactic. I didn’t do anything fancy with it, in fact this is what my hair looks like au-natural with no product/spray. All I did was brush it. If any of my family has noticed, they haven't led onto the fact that they have. Plus, my hair is naturally curly so it's sort of hard to tell that it's any shorter.

Anyways, today was pretty good because I got to hang out with my friend Rebekka. We went to the movies and saw Super 8, which was surprisingly funny. Or perhaps I just have a weird sense of humor. Since going to the movies was pretty spur of the moment, we just barely made it in time before the movie started showing. Of course, all of the seats were taken except for the front row so we had to strain our necks to see the movie. Oh well, if was better than being at home.

The process of leaving my house was ridiculous. As soon as I informed my stepmom and grandma that I was going to leave around 2 they piled a whole bunch of chores on me last minute saying that I needed to do them before I left. So it was 12:45 and I needed to shower, get dressed, clean the kitchen, put up laundry, and sweep all the floors in the house. Yeah.

It started with being asked to clean the kitchen, and I thought, ok, no big deal I can get this done in 20 or so minutes, and then it just spiraled downhill from there. I got it all done though! It’s a good thing I’m pretty low maintenance because just as I finished putting on my eye shadow Rebekka showed up at my house.

When I got home after the movie I had to help my sister bring in an extra table because my step-grandparents were coming over for dinner. I like them. They don’t nag me, or make me feel stupid. Plus, the only biological grandchild they have is my little brother, so they treat me and my sisters really well. Because they were over my grandma was on her best behavior and didn’t bother my sister and I as much as she usually does. It was nice.

As most of you guys stateside are aware, tomorrow is Independence day! I’m going to spend it with my family; we’re doing a traditional BBQ brisket with veggies and watermelon for dessert. Then after that we’re probably going to see my city’s firework show. It’s nothing too extraordinary; just the usual all American day. To everyone else celebrating, have fun and stay safe!


  1. That's a cute length on you! I'm so bad with noticing when people get their hair cut. That's why I can't get mad at other people when they don't notice mine ;)

    xo katie elizabeth

  2. Curly hair is the bomb!!

    Also, Super 8 was excellent...and I agree, it was quite funny!

  3. I have curly hair too, and nobody eeevverrr notices when I cut my hair. Even if I chop off like four inches, it's crazy!
    Nice blog btw, and thanks for the follow:)

  4. Know what, me too, when I cut my hair, although mine's straight, it's as if there's no change in length. Hahaha. Hope you have a good celebration :)

  5. It looks good to me! :D But yeah, I get what you're saying, my hair never really looks much different after a hair cut either, haha. Oh well...

    I loved Super 8! The boys were all so cute and hilarious. That's pretty annoying that you were forced to basically give the entire house an extreme makeover last minute though. :P

    Have a good Fourth!

  6. Nice hair length!