Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More election stuff

Let's just say that my competition is pretty stiff, and I needed to step up my game, ergo this wonderful piece of advertising. My friend Ashley, who is a photoshop genius, put it together. The entire process was pretty legit because we used a green screen and whatnot. I made it my profile picture yesterday and I've already recieved a truckload of compliments and reassurances about people voting for me.

I want to win.

Anyways, in other news I've given up on reading material for my APUSH test. I'm relying strictly on videos and documentaries to get me through everything. Right now I'm too busy designing next year's yearbook (ah, the perks of being co-editor!) and also planning all twelve of my pieces next year for art to have to worry about a test that a teacher didn't adequately prepare me for. Life goes on.

Oh yes, before I forget to mention it, I might be going to London next year for spring break with my AP English class!!! I don't know the details, but I'm picking up a packet and crossing my fingers that all of my ducks line up in order for me to go. Yeah. Just thought I should mention that :)

Before I go I'm going to leave you guys with some funny videos that I found on YouTube that were made for peoples class elections. The first video is pretty legit, if I do say so myself.


  1. These definitely are some funny videos! Hope you win the elections!!

  2. Wah! You NEED to do an election rap!

  3. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR ELECTION! You'd better win with an awesomesauce advertising campaign like that. :D

    Arghhhh I can't even deal with APUSH. I feel like the multiple choice won't be bad, but I'm so terrified about the essays. If it's something I have no idea about, then... well... obviously I'm screwed.

    Going to London would be so amazing!

  4. Oh my God, the first video was so epic. The rap one. It was just...wow. I loved it.

    And HEY! You're pretty!! That is such a cool poster! (Also, I love your outfit in it as well. Super cute) If you don't win, I just may have to track down your school and demand that you become the Vice President.


  5. That poster is seriously legit. At my school nobody ever made posters like that, in fact I don't recall them making anything. London, I'm jealous, I'm experiencing major traveler's withdrawal! Hopefully you get to go! Just don't be phased by all the KFCs if you do visit the UK, they seem to really like fried chicken over there.

  6. Yeah, I am pretty good aren't I?

  7. @Em Thanks!

    @KP I would, but elections are next Thursday so I don't think I have enough time.... :(

    @Natalie I think you have a higher chance of making above a 3 than I do... The only thing I really know about is the triangle shirtwaist fire.

    @Eeshie Why thank you! And you don't need to leave NYC to demand anything. I'm confident that I'll win! :)

    @Chelsea KFC? No!!!!!!

    @Ashley Yes, yes you are.

  8. Those videos were so funny!:)
    I hope you win your campaign!