Monday, May 30, 2011

Stills and Woes

Aha! Stills from the video that I'm sending to CAKE! I woke up at 5:40, put my hair up in a messy bun, grabbed my tripod and camera, my dog, and ran outside to set up before any of my family woke up.

I didn't tell them about the possibility of me being in a music video because... I'm weird. And for some reason I'm more comfortable sharing with the Internet than I am with them. But that's probably because the internet doesn't give me long lectures whenever I talk about going out to lunch with my friends.... but I digress, and it's early and I'm prone to rambling.

I shot the video in under 5 minutes (set up time included) and for the most part everything was ok.

My house is on a corner lot, so I shot in my yard.

My dog is batshit. He slipped out of his choke collar and started running around like mad before finally settleing down to eat some sticks and acorns at the corner of my yard.

Aaaaaaand my notorious, somewhat classic awkward face when talking.

I had to listen to a part of the song that I forgot the melody to XD and my dog is still eating those acorns!

But yeah, after I got all of my gear inside I just left the back door open and my dog came traipsing in 5 minutes later. He's a character.

I had tried filming this with a friend of mine previously, but he was dead set on being "artsy" and ignored the fact that CAKE didn't want artsy, but unified. Needless to say I couldn't use any of that footage. Not to mention the previous two times I had tried to film in my yard, but the sky was so cloudy that you couldn't see the sunrise... >.<

Ah, at least I got it done. Now all I have to do is figure out an alternative way to send the video because the file type is bigger than 25 mb, which is gmail's limit. I don't know. Hopefully the file sharing site I'm uploading to works!

I'll keep you guys posted :)


  1. Awesome!!! I can't wait!!! And your dog! He's adorable!


    I can't wait for the video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I can't wait to see the finished product! :D Hopefully everything went okay with figuring out how to send the video and everything. Yay!