Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today I kidnapped someone

...with some friends.

Today was wonderful. I made a pyramid in first period while my teacher was out, look, I'm on the second tier!

And then I worked on some art for an hour.

And then I left school with my friends Hang, Sayra (who was at the top of the pyramid) and Driver. Our school's exam schedules are so messed up that pretty much people were allowed to come and go off campus whenever so we decided to get something to eat. As we were driving down the road trying to find a gas station all of a sudden Hang shouts out "DUDE IT'S ADAM! LET'S PICK HIM UP!" as we pass him.

Of course she was joking, but Driver, being the person he was SPED around the block and nearly ran Adam over before his breaks shrieked to a stop. Before he could recognized any of us Driver yelled "GET IN THE CAR." and Adam just shrugged his shoulders and slid into the backseat next to me.

Now, Adam and I had never met before so it was a bit bizarre because I felt like a pedophile picking up some random guy...

I was shocked about how chill he was about the whole situation, but then again he is a notorious druggie... After talking to him I found out that it was his first year in Texas, and that he had moved down here from Pennsylvania, which he hated.

I don't know. Maybe it's my inner goodie two shoes, but I almost envied his extreme go with the flow attitude that stared every challenge, surprise, and inconvenience in the face with a smirk and a smooth "Whatever."

Ah. Then again, he told me about the many times that he blacked out and would end up in random states like Virginia and New Jersey (which he also hated). Yeah, I don't think I could cope with that.


  1. People like Adam tend to be hilarious to listen to, and mildly enviable, but they tend to disappoint in the end. Still, their stories are made up of experiences good kids like us don't have!!

  2. ^ I agree with Boyd.

    And that pyramid is AWESOME. You know, I really need to find some new adjectives. I use the word, “awesome” wayy too much. Wouldn't you agree?

    But until said new word is found...You are AWESOME.


  3. HUMAN PYRAMID! That is some skill right there.

    And yeah, though sometimes I do envy those kids in my study hall who just talk about drugs and have not a care in the world... I don't at the same time, haha.

  4. I love Texas!!! Sounds like a fun time. Rootin' tootin'.

    I just looked at your profile and realised for the very time that you live in the same town as one of my first cousins and his family.

  5. Adam sounds like quite an interesting person! And yay for human pyramaids!

  6. @Christopher Er... Potentially asking this could make the universe explode, but which school does he go to?