Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dear APUSH test,

Hopefully I'll at least make a 3, if not, oh well. I'm going out for Chinese food after the test so that I can properly drown my sorrows in a non-alcoholic way. UNIONS FTW?


  1. You'll do great!! You'll get a 3 easy. Maybe a 4. I'm hoping not to get lower than a two. I'd like to pass, but eh. I'm not a history major anyways. Anyways Good Luck and Godspeed!!

  2. I'm quite certain you will get higher than a 3 since that's what I got without studying and halfway through the exam I became so bored by the essay topics I decided to take a nap instead. As you can tell, history just isn't my thing.

  3. AHHHHHHH what did you think?!

    I definitely studied waaaay too much for this, haha. Literally 90% of the tiny detail related stuff I studied wasn't even on there. But that's good! I thought the MC was way easier than expected, though I did definitely educatedly guess on a few. As for the essays, I totally kicked that DBQs ass. I did essays 2 and 4 but now I'm thinking I should have done 3 and 5 now that I realize how easy they would've been... I think my slavery essay kind of sucked, so blah. My immigration one wasn't bad though!

    GAHHH I'm just so glad it's done. Now we wait.


    Chinese food always makes things better. It's a known fact.

  5. And so does Cake! (both the food and the band - especially the band!)