Monday, May 9, 2011

Bullets for my sanity

  • Right now I'm currently brushing up on my literary devices for the AP English test, which I will do waaaayyy better on than the APUSH test. There are are so many different terms, and a lot of them have similar meanings. I don't know. Hopefully the worst one I run into will be juxtaposition, although I doubt it will be.

  • I'm debating on whether or not after my AP test I should go eat sushi with my friends, or have lunch with my dad... Seeing as how I don't have to be back at school till one it doesn't matter either way. I'll still miss Physucks :)

  • Speaking of Physics, I'm dreading the next test because it's open notes, and knowing my physics teacher, he's going to make it the hardest test ever. GAHHHH the test is this Thursday!!

  • My local library had my friend Rebekka and I sketch up some t-shirt designs for their summer reading program which is "Dig Up A Good Book" (last year was Catch The Reading Express--- cheesy right?) and these are the two that I did. Since they're on a tight budget they can only have one-color shirts so all designs have to be a bit clip-arty. Plus, the shirts are for the children's department so they have to be kid-friendly. I don't know... I had more nautical sketches, but I decided to play it safe and follow the instructions they gave me (a treasure chest with books).

  • I love being the first commenter on stuff. Especially when 400+ people are involved.


  1. Good luck on AP English! I'm taking that next year. I hope it's not too bad. And good luck on physics too! I'm pretty sure physics is just a universally hated subject at this point, haha. :P

  2. Haha Physucks :P

    I like your design and good luck with your tests! Juxtaposition is such a great word too!

  3. I bestow the best of luck upon you for AP English, though I know you'll do fine, especially if your prediction holds true.

    Is it weird if I laughed out loud when I read "Physucks".

    Cool designs. Want to make one for my book club? We're The Bookinators, haha. I'm not joking. :)


    Do you watch Burn Notice?

  4. I like the bottom design better, I like the shading on the box much better. I'm sure you'll do well on the English test, it is MUCH easier than the History one and the essays have more free will. Good luck!

  5. Oh, you're so good at drawing! Good luck on your test, bleck, I hate tests haha :)
    You were the first one to comment? That's so cool!

  6. I wish I was first to comment...then I'd feel special, hahaha

    I like both your designs, although I think the second one would be easier to reproduce on a T-shirt.

  7. @Natalie Thanks! And yeah, pretty much everyone hates at least PART of physics.

    @Em Physucks has become a running joke with my friends and I.

    @Lizzie I would love to make one for your book club! The Bookinators? This is almost too good to be true! And yes, I watch Burn Notice! :D

    @Chelsea I liked the second one better too, but the library has final say on what they pick... Hopefully they pick the second one.

    @Boyd Yeah it would be easier to reproduce, but I'm just working for free so the choice isn't up to me. I'm hoping they pick the second one :)