Friday, May 6, 2011

Testing, and Most Boys Don't Know Good Music

So I'm pretty confident in the fact that I at least made a 3 on my APUSH test. At first I didn't think I did too well, but as I started checking some of my answers online I realized that I didn't miss as many as I thought I did.

I kicked my DBQ in the face and chopped off its penis and burned it. I would like to formally thank Wikipedia, The History Channel, and Doctor Who for helping write a decent, almost 3 page essay. I picked 3&5 for my FRQs and I wasn't too confident about my first one. In fact, my first FRQ sucked so bad that I wanted to yell at it. My second one however, was really good and I'm hoping it makes up for the first one.

Ah well, I'll be at Harry Potter World by the time my scores come in.

Anyways, on to the second section of my post--- I'm appalled of the taste of music that most guys at my school have. Only one of my guy friends as what I would consider an EXCELLENT choice in music, and the rest are all usually too uncomfortable to like more than one or two genres at a time. What a shame! And what a waste of good music!

I don't know. Maybe I'm saying this because this college guy in Austin (who I recently realized was my musical soul mate) exists and I'm trying to figure out why the universe won't send a guy like him to my area. And by a guy like him I mean a cute guy that enjoys music festivals, likes sci-fi, has good hygiene and style, and can put up with my off putting sense of humor that can only be acknowledged in real life.


Never mind. Now that I read that I think I'll just settle for a lumberjack.

I'm going to go blast The Shins till my ears bleed. Or perhaps go to sleep. I'll flip a coin.


  1. WOOOOO HIGH FIVE FELLOW APUSH-ER! :) I can't wait this long to find out how I did... it's so agonizing. Rawr.

    The majority of the guys at my school are obsessed with dubstep which I really don't even understand.

  2. I am freakin' jealous. Harry Potter land?!?! Oh and yay for good scores and The Shins :)

  3. I bet you did totally awesome! Although I must admit, I have no idea what the APUSH is...I don't believe we take that in Michigan.

    And yes, yay for The Shins!! I feel your pain from having no musically diverse people at your school...cowtowns like mine tend to avoid anything that isn't pop or country. A guy with good tastes would definitely be nice!! Although a lumberjack would be sweet too, haha :)


    You are hilarious, dear. :)

    (Sorry this comment sucks. I'm just not in a good comment-writing mood.)

  5. Lumberjacks!! Yay!

    Wait, what?