Monday, May 2, 2011

NHS! and Prom Stories

My school is notorious for running behind schedule so it's no surprise that after 2 years I was finally making my transition from NJHS to NHS (National Honor Society) tonight. Surprisingly a lot of people who I thought were going to be inducted didn't make the cut... I guess they were lying to me about their rank.

For a short while I was scared that I wasn't going to get inducted because everyone was smarter than me, but apparently I wasn't as average as I originally thought I was.

But yeah. The ceremony was pretty much a big joke. There were issues when it was time to light the candles, and everyone was trying really hard not to laugh. Oh yes, and when we were waiting outside in the hallways we were told 798489753984 times to use our "wee voices" because we were getting too loud.

Ah well, sham event aside I now have another pin to put on my awesome Letterman.

Now to what I've really been wanting to blog about... PROM STORIES FROM HELL, 2011 EDITION!

A friend of mine had asked a guy to go to prom with her because neither of them had dates. In fact, the guy said that he wasn't going since he didn't have a date, and that was a mighty shame. Everyone should go to prom. Anyways, as the date slides closer my friend buys her ticket, dress, and whatnot thinking that her prom date was also preparing for the big day. Everything is peachy. It's now a week before prom and they both happen to be in the same multimedia class. At this point my friend is positively glowing with excitement, imagining what fun she'll have at prom. It's at that moment that she overhears her date and his best friend talking.

"Man, I feel so bad because Monica bought my ticket... I mean, if anything I should have bought it..." said the best friend.

"Hahaha dude. I'm so glad I don't have to worry about that crap. Hell, I'm not even going to prom." said my friend's 'date' as he wiped the grease off of his pimply face.

Cue my friend's shock response of "HEY THERE. HOLD UP. WE HAD A DEAL."

Yeah, the cowardly douchebag didn't even have the nerve to tell her to her face that he had decided that he wasn't even going. If it weren't for her overhearing it then she would have probably been stood up.

Needless to say she went by herself and talked one of her friends to walk her down the promenade.

Another thing that went down during prom was drugs. Oh and alcohol too.

In fact, one guy showed up shitfaced and puked everywhere, managing to get him and his date arrested. She was supposed to be inducted into NHS tonight but..... yeah that didn't happen.

According to multiple sources my school's prom this year was by far the trashiest prom ever.

Yeah. I'm glad I didn't go. For everyone who did go to prom, I hope it wasn't as trashy as my school's! :)


  1. That's SO HORRIBLE of that dude to do that to your friend...although it's probably just as well she didn't go with him, since he sounds pretty horrible.

    Congrats on NHS!!! Our school's induction thingy is tomorrow night, but we don't have NJHS so no one really knows who will be invited.

  2. Congrats on NHS! Our entire everything related to NHS is basically a complete joke. The spring dance we were supposed to have to raise money got canceled cause not enough people bought tickets. We suck.

    But oh my god. What the hell is wrong with that guy? What a complete douchenozzle. But whatever, I'm sure she had a better time without his stupid self anyways. And ugh, yeah, proms and alcohol and all that business is definitely a reason why I didn't go to prom this year. I just do not want to deal with that. High five for not going, haha!

  3. Congratulations about NHS! That's soo cool:)
    Well, it's good that she heard him at least! It would've been worst had she not heard him and then got stood up. Bad grammar. Did that sentence make sense? Haha:)