Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'm sort of glad blogger crashed

I'll rip off the band-aid right now and just say: I didn't win class vice president. All american boy won. And to make it worse, after school he added me on Facebook.

But don't worry! I'm ok!

Not that many people know the results yet, but the people who I've told so far are disappointed. In fact, I think they're more disappointed than I am because they loath all american boy.

Like I predicted, the votes were split between us all and my Achilles heel happened to be my lazy friends who could barely leave their lunch table to vote for me. BUT THAT'S OK. I'm working on getting over it. (cue violent twitching)

Danny ran under the campaign: Vote for me because it's my birthday (and I'll cry if I lose)

All american boy ran under the campaign: Vote for me and you'll get this free bond t-shirt...wait. Let me stand over your shoulder as you vote so that I know you're not lying to me.

Mauri ran under the campaign: Vote for me because I'm a cheerleader.

And I ran under a clean campaign that simply wanted good reunions that didn't cost an arm and a leg to produce. However, my friend Nathan H. and I have decided to just throw reunions unofficially and do things that way. It works.

I didn't guilt people into giving me pity votes, I didn't hold my popularity and looks over every body's head, and I didn't bribe people with free t-shirts that only promoted my own agenda, so I feel pretty good that I lost.

One thing that did bug me though was a friend of mine, who had been a friend of mine for I don't know 6 YEARS decided that she didn't know who to vote for. Her solution? Make me play rock paper scissors with Danny, best two out of three wins. Excuse me? After all the times I told people that you weren't a lying, dumbass slut (their words, not mine)? After all the times I was there for you when your life went down the crapper? Rock? Paper? Scissors? Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me?!

So I politely told her no. And that I wasn't going to pressure her into voting for me, because I'm a good friend and rah rah rah, this didn't mean that much to me anyways. Like I said I'm more upset that people didn't care enough to do me this ONE TINY FAVOR that only required about 5 minutes tops of their time.

I drowned my emotions in swiss cheese sauce that I made in 10 minutes and watched some really awesome movies, and read some awesome blogs that you guys wrote, and my parents are proud that I was ambitious, and that I put myself out there.

But yeah. I'm still yearbook co-editor. I'm still going to an awesome college in less than two years. I still have really awesome friends who went above and BEYOND for me, and will always be there for me. I still have you guys :)


  1. If I was at your high school and still needed to be in high school I would've secretly stuffed the ballots full of your votes. Seriously! Everyone else sounds pretty lame-o. I remember class president just being a popularity contest pretty much and they never got anything really done ever. <3

  2. Awwww man.... I'm sorry. You totally would have had my vote in a heartbeat! Stupid All American Boy. I hate how these sorts of things always end up coming down to a matter of popularity and false promises (and bribery for that matter), and the best candidates end up losing out. Not cool at all.

    WHATEVER, you still win at life, so... huzzah. :D

  3. I'm sorry you didn't win, but like you said, at least you kept your integrity. That's something really rare so be proud of that!

    Sadly the whole rock paper scissors strategy extends into college. The majority of my friends got together the night before the presidential election and made a group decision who to vote for and when they couldn't decide they stuck names in a hat. The rest made decisions based on who everyone else was voting for. I wanted to shoot myself. So much for free thinking huh?

  4. For all it's worth, I voted for you. I really wanted you to win!! Grrr.

  5. Your school sucks! I'm shipping an angry wasp nest to everyone who didn't vote for you. UPS should deliver it in 2-6 days. Oh, I can't wait...

    I'd have voted for you. :)

  6. Stupid all american boy! You are 1000000 times better than him! Hope you're feeling better!