Saturday, May 21, 2011

Go away rain

Hooray for the world not ending!

Boo for all this rain. While I had planned on shooting my part for CAKE's music video this weekend I don't know if I'll actually be able to :/

Set backs FTL.

Anyways, yeah. Not much going on besides that.

I've been at a continuous loss for having something to write in people's yearbooks, so I've just settled for writing cheesy jokes and just scribbling a simple "HEY." in scary sociopath block caps. I've been so uninspired lately art wise, and I think it's this drizzley weather. Or perhaps my growing fear that in about 10 or so days it'll be summer and I'll be that much closer to leaving home and going to college in North Carolina. I don't know. I'll work it out.


  1. College. Whoa. Scary.

    I'm not helping, am I?

    Well, what do you plan on studying in college?

    And I am NEVER at a loss for writing witty things in people's Yearbooks. And if you really can't think of something to write, just draw something.

    Eeshit out.

  2. God. You see how I spelled my very own name in the above comment? Oh, GOD. I'm doomed for stupidity...

  3. When writing in yearbooks I just list a bunch of inside jokes that happened between me and that person. If I don't know them well enough to do that, though, then I'm at a loss... so I just try to avoid that, haha. :P BOO FOR RAIN. But yay for non-apocalypses!

  4. @Eeshie Hopefully something artsy, but corporate at the same time... like advertising!

  5. I'm not sure what's worse: rain or lovebugs. Good thing it's not both? Unless you do see them in Texas. I'm curious if you do, now.

    I'm not signing anymore yearbooks 'cause Monday is my last day. :O

  6. Whoo! Summer and surviving. We're awesome Lizzi. And yearbooks, bleh. I'm happy no one asks me to sign their's. I wouldn't know what to write. And college is terrifying, but luckily I'm going to Lamar and I'll be staying with my aunt. Good luck with the art block!!

  7. @Lizzie AHHHHH! I just googled lovebugs, and almost died of terror. Luckily that's the one bug we don't have in my area!