Sunday, May 8, 2011

Six Flags!...for the 6th or so time.

Ah, how I do love Six Flags.

Every year since I was 11 or 12 I've gone to Six Flags, and for those of you who live near Disney, Universal Studios, or some other big theme park this may not be a big deal, but since I live 2-3 hours away from a theme park it's pretty fun when I go.

It also helps that I went with awesome people, and had a really cool roller coaster buddy! We got there around 1pm and left at 8pm and only managed to ride 4 roller coasters :/. All of the lines were 90 minutes long, and there were so many creepers in line! In fact, there was this one annoying family with, no lie, fake British accents (occasionally you could hear them slip) and they kept on bumping into us and... touching our butts.
It was crazy awkward.

I got home around midnight and pushed myself to stay awake so I could watch the new Doctor Who episode, and then I crashed. Really hard.

Oh yes, one of my favorite bands ever CAKE posted on Facebook that they needed some fans to help out with their music video for their song The Winter, and I signed up to help! I'm so excited to see how it's going to play out... I've already been sent the first set of instructions, but I'll keep you guys posted if anything else happens :)


  1. I live forever away from any big theme parks too. I've never been to Six Flags, but it sounds like fun! At least except for the ridiculously long lines and creepers, haha. :P But yeah, I remember going to Cedar Point and it was like a two hour wait for each ride, and I only rode two the entire day! That is ridiculous!

  2. Never been to Six Flags but it looks pretty fun :) And if you need help on your cake mission I am here!

  3. FAKE British accents? You're kidding, right? That's WOW. Fake British

  4. I've been to Six Flags, except I was about five and I remember nothing! Me, I only live half an hour away from a bunch of theme parks and I go about once every two-three years, if that! It sucks.
    Fake British accents? That's pretty ridiculous, haha:)
    That's so cool! I hope you get to be in the Cake music video! :)