Friday, February 6, 2009

Today feels like a Saturday

Ugh, today was another one of those ok days.

I'm tired of ok days. I want some wonderful days again.

In Pre-Drill class we moved stuff, most of the stuff I moved was for Prom, which kinda depressed me because I'm not a senior. Bah, oh well, I'm not to fond of their them anyways. My hands felt raw and stiff afterwards from all that heavy lifting.

Later on I skipped out on my Spanish substitute, who was surprisingly cute to go to debate and put up more pieces of paper to annoy Jacob.

For the past two days I've been putting up these papers that say "Jacob + Ting Ting 4 EVAR!1!!one"

Today Josh, Rachel, and Sarah helped me put up more, except this time we switched it up a bit:

Jacob loves lamp
Jacob loves African American men (Obama)
Jacob loves Jews
Jacob loves church of Christ girls
Jacob loves tight pants
Jacob loves it when Sarah and James argue
Jacob loves Nathan
Phillip Hayes loves Jacob
Jacob wishes he was a Jew
Jacob loves Men
Jacob loves Jack Loeb
Jacob loves tacos

You get the idea.

Yess, the room is littered with this nonsense, and the best part is that the teacher doesn't even mind. Coolest teacher on earth.

Oh yes, and unless you're blind, that thar is one of three of the newest Harry Potter posters!

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