Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Denial Blush

Oh my. Everything is so muddled right now that I feel as if I'll explode if I don't type this somewhere.

Yesterday I realised that I've been really anxious around one person. Although I've known him only for a short while, I've really grown quite fond of him. I notice him, and even look forward to seeing him during passing periods, his witty comments and outrageous ideas are the highlights of my day. The only downside is our incompatibility. I've seen some of the girls he's dated, and I've come to the horrible conclusion that he doesn't like girls like me.

In fact, he likes the exact opposite of who I am, or the people I even associate with. I'm too lazy to change who I am to fit his taste, and currently the most I can do is exchange witty banter with him due to the fact that he is dating a girl that I absolutely detest.  Another downside is that he's graduating next year.

Ah to be a teenager. It is no fun at all.


  1. meh, boys are so not worth changing. if he will like you, he will like you for who you are. whoever you have to change for just isn't worth it :)

  2. Definitely agree on not changing for anyone.
    I don't think it gets easier, from what I hear even adults suffer.

  3. *ugh* It sucks to change for ANYONE! So I don't. But hey, persevere, and you have a chance! The worst that can happen with him and you is that he says 'no' to you two being togeter. So good luck!


  4. at least you're aware enough to realize who you are, even with this anxiousness around that fellow. you've won after all.

  5. DO NOT CHANGE FOR HIM. Alll, cute that you have a crush though. I suggest letting it blow over, though. If you know he doesn't like girls like you :( What attracts you to a guy like that, anyway?