Saturday, February 14, 2009

Anger at ineffiency

Dear Internet Explorer and Twitter,

I hate you guys. Well to be clear, I don't really hate you Twitter, I'm just mad that you went down in my most important hour of need.

But as for you IE I hate you. You freeze up at the worst time (i.e. 5 minutes ago) and compromise a pivotal conversation of IM on Facebook.

I was just to ask a very important question to a somewhat questionable individual and YOU FREEZE UP ON ME AND SHUT DOWN. I HATE YOU. Bah, you make everything crappy, but for some odd reason people still use you! Why?!

If only I could download Firefox or Opera or even Chrome.... Oh yes, you would be deleted in less than two seconds. But I can't delete you. Because this is not my computer that I am currently operating on. BAH. Why did that Facebook conversation have to end?!!!


  1. I HATE FACEBOOK CHAT TOO! I always just make people talk to me on AIM.

  2. Ew, I hate explorer and am never going back.
    Firefox FTW!

  3. My Facebook chat often spazzes out in the middle of a conversation too. :/
    Yeah, I'm not such a fan of internet explorer anymore.