Sunday, February 15, 2009

Public Service announcement

Ah, so my parents have laid down the ominous law.

Bummer.  Apparently I'm an irresponsible horrible teenager that doesn't yell, throw hissy fits, or talks back and they don't like it.  Maybe I should start doing the above mentioned?  Because my inner sulking and quiet brooding is starting to piss them off.

Anyways, they've talked about limiting my computer and TV time, which leaves me with the following activities: causing mischief, drawing pictures of boys, sleeping.  I'm sure they'll find those activities way more productive and worthwhile anyways.

So even thought it pains me to type this, I'm going to have to part with a piece of my soul due to the fact that if I really do have to limit my time, I won't be able to blog or write everyday.  All computer time will go towards school (i.e. case work and evidence for debate)

Moving on to a further realization, anytime I spend the weekend somewhere when I come home my parents are always fuming mad at me.  It puzzles me to no end because then it makes me think that they were bad talking me all weekend even though I'm like a live in baby sitter.  Oh well, maybe I should spend more weekends at home.  Maybe they won't be so mad every time I come home.


  1. my mom tries to limit my computer time, too, but she always eventually eases up.

  2. Uch. Parents tend to overreact about everything! (Or nothing.) :/

  3. Lol, no matter what we do parents seem to complain about it.
    Why not just tell them you need the computer for your homework? (and lay a possible "but I'll fail" guilt trip on them if they refuse) That way you can have some you time on the computer as well as being able to do your school-work

  4. Bah. What's with your parents, ne? My mom would love that! x3 idk, parents are weird xPPP