Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Little Politician

Oh man, am I hyped up or what? (not)

It just sunk in this morning that tomorrow is a really big tournament. I'm going to be gone from about noon till around 10pm for Debate. Not to mention it's at the local junior college, and is a 3 day event.

I'm both nervous and anxious because I'm going to be competing in three events.

1. LD Debate
2. Extemporaneous Speaking
3. Student Congress

I feel like quite the little politician. Also, I hope I make Bill Maher proud. I heard a rumor that I might be lucky enough to spend some time with these two guys from other schools that I've been hanging out with. They are refined and handsome, and best of all they're going somewhere in life.

On the downside of missing two days of school is the fact that I have to go in early and pick up any late/make up work I might have. Oh well. Bah, I've been so busy lately, and even though I always complain about it, I can't stand when I'm doing nothing.

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  1. good luck at your tournament! have fun hanging out with those guys :P