Monday, February 23, 2009


Of all things to be accused of, they had to pick the worst.

My fellow debate classmates aka Sarah and Jacob decided to accuse me of liking cousin Ricky. Um no. I tried not to let it get too under my skin but it didn't really work out.  

Oh well. Today for me was a half day (woot!) and I went out and got some Disney Princess Pencils and Stickers! Haha they're great!

Anyways, I was pretty happy today, not only did I get my homework done before I got home, but I was also able to talk to a bunch of old friends.  

Not to mention, the one thing that kicked the day off to a good start: Nirvana was playing right as I got out of the car to get dropped off for school. It was epic.  Also, I felt pretty special when my teacher noticed that I was reading Nietzsche.  We chit chatted a bit about it, and talking about philosophy always makes me happy.


  1. For some reason, something good coming on the car radio on the way somewhere always gives me that lucky feeling about the day.

  2. Wait, like... your cousin? Haha. :P
    And I have Disney pencils too! They're awesome, but I get some strange looks, lol.