Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bah with this nonsense.

Ahhh it's only Thursday! Gosh. I need more time, and I still need a job. I'm really considering this one proposal that's only 2 days a week and pays $100 a month... I'll see if I can find work for more, or I might get two jobs....

Anyways, at school there isn't much going on. I'm still working on planning my 7 days of Nietzsche, and another thing I'm planning is Cousin Ricky day.

Woots. Greys Anatomy (insert gasp of disgust here) is coming on tonight for TWO HOURS. Yes. I love that show, as awful as it may be. In fact, I love that show more than I love House.


  1. *GASP!* More than House you say??? What is this blasphamy?!

  2. Yeah, fairly addicted myself to cheezy dramas.
    100 a month for 2 days? sweet!

  3. Wow, that's pretty cool, I would go for it! But see if you can find a better one, like you said, first; good luck with that!


  4. that job sounds pretty good to me -- I am still trying to find one, myself.

  5. more than House? that's blasphemy, darling. take the job!!!