Monday, February 16, 2009

New Agenda

Well, my parents have set new rules.

Computer for 1 hour, then I'm off, then I can get back on after 4 hours.  Bah, oh well.  I have about 30 minutes left on the computer and by golly I'm spending it blogging.

I noticed people doing posts on Valentine's day and how it went, mine was mediocre and consisted of getting fattening sweets from beloved friends and family, and cute stuffed animals and roses.

I gave all the milk chocolate I got from my friends to my parents, and they gobbled it up, and I gave the roses I got to my grandma and she thought they were pretty.  I got an awkward val-o-gram (rose w/ message) from the debate pres. aka Jacob.  The only thing that made it worse than actually getting one from him is the fact that when I put it down in my world geo. class some friends of mine read the message before I did because I had to deliver the rest of the val-o-grams.  I am forever embarrassed.  Luckily they couldn't read his jumbled signature (thank god!) and I got off with some mild teasing and winks as to who the mystery note person was.  I hate Jacob for that.

Sadly, art club didn't make too big of a profit off of val-o-grams because some members didn't pay for roses like they were supposed to, so we came up short.  Looks like there won't be an art club trip this year.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I have an art competition this weekend!  WOOT!  Not to mention it's at a really nice school!


  1. First lemme say I love your fabulous layout. Second, girl at least you got somethin' for vday. I didn't get shit.

  2. aww, so sweet! you didn't tell us what the lovely message from the pres said :(
    art competition sounds cool! i miss that stuff. sorry about your computer ration.

  3. Aww! Why hate Jacob for it? It sounds really sweet <3 And sorry about the art thing = / Make them all pay, darnnit! lol GL at your compitition! :D