Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Immense dislike of

Bah. Today was alright, until I went to Spanish.

Why? Because of a little known person named Kenneth. Bah. Usually in class he's fairly tolerable, but today he was being exceptionally irritable. You see, in Spanish, I understand nothing so I usually get my friend Karina to help me. But no. Kenneth wanted to be super mean and hog her.

Geez I know he probably likes her or something, but hey, I need to pass Spanish as much as the next person! Maybe I'm just being hormonal, but I just got really mad at him today. I'm tired of his high and mighty act he's been putting up lately. Have some friggin humility.

Moving on, I bought two Val-O-Grams. Woo. Not. Seeing as I'm in Art Club, and we're selling them I have the wonderful task of rifling through the schedules and finding the room I'm supposed to deliver them to. FUN. What sucks is that since I'm on the delivery team, I'm going to have to deliver my Val-O-Gram to myself. Major suck. Not to mention the day we deliver them is also Senior Skip Day. Ah, well I guess they don't get their Roses.

Oh yes, If by some odd chance you were looking for the next installment of my 7 Days of Nietzsche series, it's below this post. I had to double post due to my urge to rant and not talk about Nietzsche.

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