Saturday, February 21, 2009

Alamo Bob

I'm a bit tired, and a bit sickly from all the excitement of the competition, and also from the many rounds of Twister that I played.

I think I played 20 rounds, and I even got some other kids from other schools to play Twister with me also! Hehe I was also lucky enough to play Twister with Mr. Musician, aka Dylan Bailey.

I met some nice guys from Lindale :] hahaaa they were niccceeeee.
Actual competition wise, a 4 was the highest number you could get and I got 3s on both of my peices.

Oh well, there's always LMFA. I spent a lot of the day with Cousin Ricky (not really my cousin) just talking, trying to get him to play Twister and such. For lunch we both went out and ate Subway, which was cool, because we got to talk about important things.

Right now I'm trying to prevent catching or developing anything bad, my immune system has been a bit low lately.  Not to mention all the sickly people there trying to pass on thier viruses on to me!

Also, Bekka, bringing Twister to school with me Monday to give it back to you! Thank you for letting me borrow it!


  1. Oh my gosh, the sick people need to stay away from me too! I'm feeling a sore throat coming on and am trying to fight it off with lot of tea.

  2. hey, i'm one of those sick people! passing on my cooties is not a top life goal of mine! it's maybe number five on the list..

  3. Hahaha, Twister's awesome =P Especially with lots of people... Then it either gets interesting or... hairy... =S

    Ouch, unfortunate that you're ill... Hope you get better soon!


  4. no problem :) I'm glad you had fun! Could you bring it to school on tuesday instead? Monday is B-Day which means my backpack is gonna be SUPER heavy and I won't be able to fit more crap in it. A-Day is my light day :D