Sunday, April 1, 2012


Well, I can honestly say that I’m glad I went to prom.

I’m glad that I saw people grinding and procreating on the dance floor.

I’m glad that the DJ pretty much told me to f- off for even requesting the Beatles.

I’m glad that I will never look at the people in my AP classes in the same light ever again.

I’m glad that the music they played at prom was 67% shit.

I’m glad that in a matter of a few months I’ll be surrounded by people that I don’t even know.

Because then I couldn’t delude myself that I had missed out on some glorious rite of passage.

I’m sad I had a handful of awesome friends that made my night awesome.

I’m sad that Hang was only there for the weekend as my date.

I’m sad that in a matter of a few months I’ll be surrounded by people that I don’t even know.

Pics coming soon.


  1. Hmm, this is an interesting, non-conventional recap of Prom. It also convinces me I shouldn't go to mine, considering I won't have awesome friends there with me.

    Can't wait to see the pictures! I wanna know what your dress looked like!

    P.S. Welcome to the BEDA business! It can be fun, I promise.

  2. As long as you're honest with yourself about what prom is, it can be fun. Good luck when you're surrounded by people you don't know. But it's great. You can recreate yourself. Be yourself, or someone new. No one to remember your bad times, or faults, or silly things. You can start fresh, and that is a plus.

  3. :'( We should've just had a Blogger Prom.

  4. I didn't go to prom my senior year of high school and I regret it and am bitter about it to this day.
    really, I'm glad you went and in a couple of months those people that were procreating on the dance floor won't matter at all and you'll look at them and think, I am such a better person. (I do this whenever I'm on facebook, it's a great exercise)

  5. I didn't go to my prom myself. So even if it wasn't that good, it is good in a way that you went.

  6. I didnt go to my prom. Prom isnt a big thing in the UK...i just couldnt be bothered with all the people you really didnt wanna see. so we had a mini party instead.

    crazy they wouldnt play the beatles...gah. that makes me mad.

    its an exciting time, being surrounded by people you don't know. so many adventures await!!! :)

  7. Prom's are almost always overhyped and most people end up feeling deflated when they're actually having their own. Some can be alright though. It sucks that you didn't seem to enjoy yours.

    I never really cared too much or expected a lot from mine, so when mine actually did roll around I didn't mind it at all because I hadn't set the bar of expectations so high. As it was, I had a pretty good night.

    Anyway, high school is almost over for you and you've got college to come. College/university is awesome. I reckon you'll love it, even though you will undoubtedly feel homesick from time to time.