Sunday, April 8, 2012



On my uni's incoming freshman Facebook group I've been seeing a lot of posts about people that still aren't committed yet.

And what's ironic is the fact that these people are usually the most active ones on the group.

But whatever.

Another strange thing I've noticed is that a lot of kids are in between my school and Elon, which is a strangely similar university (albeit with fewer amenities). I had never heard about Elon, so I did a little research comparing it to my college and it lead me down this rabbit hole of random things.

I found this one thread on one of the parent boards on  college confidential talking about my university. The thread was started in 2010 and had an ongoing 25 page long conversation. I only read 10 pages in, but I found quite a few people off-put and skeptical about my uni because it was "too clean", "like Disney land", or "too glitzy."

And one parent went so far as to call the university creepy.

Really? Just because a school has new buildings, great campus upkeep, and newly hired professors you think it's "creepy"?

I'll be completely honest. I thought the school was too good to be true as well, but after doing extensive research, talking to current and past students, and visiting--- It didn't feel creepy. It felt like a lot of time and money went into the school to improve not only the campus grounds, but the academics as well.

The reason why the campus so perfect aesthetically is because it doesn't tolerate graffiti and defamation. It is also a substance free campus.

Think about it: If you're in a nice, clean, and beautiful environment don't you think you would take pride in the school that you go to, as well as yourself? You wouldn't want to litter. You wouldn't want to destroy property. You want to be the best in order to live up to the atmosphere.

That's how I felt when I visited. I felt like the utmost care was given to the students. This one girl even said that after being sick and out of class for a few days her professors emailed her to ask if she was ok, and did everything they could to help her catch up.  At a state university you'd just be SOL.

SO. After reading that thread I decided that when I go to High Point I'm going to do a blog series about my experience. Good, bad, and ugly. Heck, I might even make it a weekly thing.

That way there can at least be ONE unbiased account of what actually goes on in the university.


  1. I think it would be a great idea to have your first-hand account taken and documented here. I can't believe someone would describe a college campus as creepy, but I guess it happened.

    I understand the whole non-commited students posting on the Facebook group. While I don't mind, it's a little weird to think I was in the first 100 to join and everyone else at the time had basically signed the early decision agreement to go as well. Now that more have joined and these people have been rejected at places like Carleton, they ask how good Mac is, like they couldn't have done the comparison research before hand.

    Either way, I look forward to blogging about my experiences too!

  2. I think that does sound like a good idea. I think I would be kind of distrusting of a school that seems too good to be true. My school didn't look so bad from the outside, but inside was an entirely different story.

  3. Not all state universities treat you like sh*t, for the record! I know you're not making a general assumption, but obviously I had to make a little comment about my O-State (even though I do hate it, my professors rule most of the time). Anyway. You show those college confidential people what's up.

  4. I would love to see a weekly thing like that!