Friday, April 27, 2012


I’m in ATX!

I don’t really know why, but nothing this year feels particularly special. It’s weird being the older kid on trips. In fact, I think I may be the oldest kid on this trip.

But do you get what I mean? It’s weird to have people look at you and categorize you as the “older kid”.
GAH. I’m really looking forward to being a freshman again next year.
BTW, we’re staying in a pretty swanky hotel, so I’m mucho excited about spending a night in such a lush environment, surrounded my snooty, persnickety people.
p.s. More pictures to come.


  1. With our school's seniors about to graduate, being the "older kid" is getting freakier and freakier. I'm just getting good at surviving high school!!

  2. Well you certainly do look quite relaxed and happy. It's hard to adjust to being the older person in a group.

  3. Sitting in a bigayss chair - like a boss.


    And dont worry, that perspective will indeed change when you're a freshman. So enjoy it while it lasts :P.