Monday, April 16, 2012

A little better

So today when I got home I noticed that I had received my financial aid information.

So far, I have $20,050 in aid (a great improvement to the $10,500 I previously had), meaning that my debt total at the end of 4 years has jumped down to $79,800.

Still a big number, but it's WAY better than $118,000. WAY BETTER.

Like, so much better. You guys have no idea how glorious it is to know that half of my college is being paid for. BTW, thanks for the reassuring comments yesterday. I tend to stress myself out. A lot.

While I was filling out loan stuff for my school I snacked on some Tabasco cheez-its and drank some cranberry green tea out of my cup that I bought this weekend. I like how it looks like a disposable cup, but isn't :P

Also, I don't think I've ever talked about my plants on my blog, but I have a mint plant, as well as an aloe vera that I'm taking with me to college. I might be able to procure an ivy as well! I swear. I love plants.


  1. I am glad your financial situation is better! I can't wait to have student loans.

    You and my friend Zack should talk. He's studying to become a horticulturist, (I think?) and he's in charge of his college apartment complex's garden. I'm glad some people like plants, though, since I am a little too lazy to take care of another being at the moment.

    You're staying strong with BEDA. I commend you. :)

  2. Also, the "I can't wait to have student loans" is heavily sarcastic. Like you, I'm looking at over $50,000. SWELL.

  3. I love plants! I have a lilly and a ivy-like plant. They rock. Aloe is fantastic! Anyway, good luck! :)

  4. I'm glad your financial woes are improving! I'm sorry that I didn't post a reassuring comment's a congratulatory one today!

  5. Wow, that's definitely great news that your debt is going to be almost $40,000 less. Hurrah!