Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

So when I read the comments from yesterday's post, I literally LOL'd at all of you not thinking that I'd say "you can suck my big black dick."

In fact, I said it twice today.

This morning started out okay for me. I gave my speech for a test grade today, and it was pretty much refuting the speech I gave... Tuesday? I don't remember what day, but ANYWAYS I did better on the test speech than I did on the previous one.

I went up to the teacher's desk to join the group of kids up there, and we were just chatting along when all of a sudden it felt like someone had chopped off my ankle. My speech teacher is also the technical theatre director, so he has a lot of random props in his room and whatnot, including this HEAVY, hand-made, blunt iron sword.

This dumb bitch was messing around with it and accidentally dropped it. As the sword swung to the ground the hilt slammed into my ankle bone. At first I thought it just hit my ankle, so I just walked it off and tried to suck it up as I ascended up a flight of stairs to my math class.

I felt like my ankle was being slammed with a sledgehammer every step I took. When I arrived in my math class I actually looked at my ankle and noticed that a chunk of skin had been scraped off as well, and I was bleeding. DUMB BITCH. Makin' me bleed in my nice flats.

Once I showed the teacher my injury she let me go to the nurses office, which was on the other side of the campus in the new wing of the school. I literally limped the entire way there, and by the time I made it into the nurse's office I was near crying. I signed in, showed her my ankle, which had already started to bruise, and all she did was say, "Yup. She got you right on the ankle bone. Lemme get you some anti-biotic ointment, a band-aid, and some ice."

At that point I was doing everything in my power not to cry, but all of a sudden I cracked. The pain was unbearable. As the nurse doctored my leg I cried like a little baby, and I vaguely remembered saying, "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry I'm such a baby I'm so ridiculous for crying right now I promise I have a high pain tolerance it just hurts reallllly bad."

I spent five minutes trying to compose myself in the bathroom before I went back to class, but it was pretty much pointless. I looked like a red, puffy mess.  As soon as I got back into the classroom I popped an insane amount of ibuprofen and tried not to cry while I solved trig functions.

By the time I got to art class my ankle had swollen to twice it's size, and it's still swollen really bad right now. My friend Sayra said that I might not even be able to walk tomorrow, which is no bueno. I was going to buy some new shoes and shorts, but I guess that's not going to happen anymore if I can't walk :/ DUMB BITCH. Ruinin' my weekend plans.

Ugh. I hate dumb bitches.


  1. UGH, DUMB BITCHES. You should have taken the sword and hit her in the head with it. I hope your ankle feels better soon. :(

  2. Slap a bitch. Just do it. Slap her right in the chops and then z-snap. Then make a derogatary comment about her split-ends and walk away.

    You will BREAK her.

  3. I'm all for slapping a bitch but who leaves something like that lying around anyway? Though damn maybe there is something to Friday 13th after all. Plus I know I'd have played with the sword too.

  4. Oh my! WHAT A STUPID GIRL. And why let those props, that could actually do harm, be in the hands of this STUPID GIRL. UGH. I just want to hurt her now like she hurt you. Vengeance, y'know?

    I hope your recovery is swift and you can be walking pain-free soon!