Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Loquats and Pie

This entire week is my state's testing week, meaning that a lot of injustice is going on concerning seniors. Seniors that don't have any AP classes get to lounge around at home until noon when testing is over while AP students have to come in at regular time for AP review. :/ Yeah. It sucks.

People that are doing the bare minimum get rewarded, while the AP kids wither away in a corner, trying to cram before exams in 2 weeks. But like this one girl in my AP Art History class said, someone has to bring me my pizza on the weekend.

 ANYWAYS. After school I stayed after for an additional 3 hours worth of studying in my AP Environmental Science class and refreshed myself about the nitrogen cycle.

This one guy Zhang brought some loquats from his tree and they were DELICIOUS. Guys. If you have the chance, try one of these suckers because they're so yummy.
yummmy yummmy 

After my classmates and I gorged ourselves on loquats we studied for about half an hour, and then our teacher gave us some homemade chocolate pie. Yes. My teacher made us yummy pie. And right now, I'm at home. Craving pie. And loquats.

Oh well. As soon as I got home I planted some loquat seeds, but as to whether or not they'll actually grow, I have no idea.

Seriously guys. Eat a loquat.


  1. I love me a loquat. When I lived in a climate where loquats actually grow, I came to the conclusion that the good ones were at the top of the trees. Several of my classmates and I broke into the gym closet and got some hockey sticks with which to retrieve them. Basically, I like them so much that my goody-good child self broke into a closet for them.

  2. I think I'd rather eat pie. That's how exams worked over here in the last weeks of school. You only had to come in when you had an exam. The free time was supposed to be used revising and studying but I don't think anyone actually did that. Pizza delivery people do an excellent job and I can only encourage more of them.

  3. Chocolate pie...? Now I'm intrigued and hungry.