Wednesday, April 4, 2012


So. That Globe Scholar thing?

Yeah. It was completely pointless since I already know what university I’m attending and what I plan on majoring in.

On the bright side, for the rest of the school day I just hid out in the art room and worked on art/vented to my friends in there about stuff.

After school I participated in some shenanigans with my friend Rachel, and then after that I studied at Books-A-Million all by my lonesome for my AP Environmental Science test.

All in all, it was a pretty mediocre day, but those are the days that I tend to like the most.


  1. Nothing wrong with some mediocrity every now and then. Days when everything happens can soon pile up.

  2. Chill days are very nice. I've wasted school days at college planning events before, and it's just a nice excuse for skipping.

  3. Hey, nothing wrong with mediocre days. Anyway, without the mediocre days you wouldn't fully appreciate how great awesome days are.

  4. I say if you can find a bright side, the experience was not wasted. Plus, on the bright side, you DO know what university you're attending and what you plan on majoring in. Such a Globe Scholar wouldn't exist if everyone did. :)