Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Teachers suck sometimes

No really.

My AP economics teacher is from hell. She planned a test on the last day of the six weeks, which is the last day for grades to go in, and told us that she wasn't going to give us a review.

AND THEN today she's just like, PSYCH. Here's the review, you  need to complete it before the test Friday! It's fifty questions. NO MULTIPLE CHOICE. JESUS WOMAN. KILL ME NOW.

Also, my AP english teacher assigned us a photo research project, which at first seemed really easy. No one in my class had ever done one before, so we were kind of unsure of what we were doing. Today she tells one class that everyone had done it wrong, and that we were all getting a 50. We have the opportunity to correct it for a 75. A SEVENTY FREAKING FIVE.

GUYS. I poured over the guidelines. POURED OVER THEM. I followed all of the directions.


And plus, I'm even more stressed out because I'm going to be taking 6 AP test the first two weeks of May, plus make up work for when I'm absent from class BECAUSE I HAVE EFFING AP TESTS DURING THE DAY.

Why would senior teachers give out assignments when they KNOW their students are going to be out for testing? WHY?!

UGH. UGH. UGH. Excuse me, I have a corner beckoning me to cry in it.


  1. im in grade 11, this reminds me why i absolutely hate school. cant wait for grade 12! -sarcasm-

  2. You would think that because an entire class "did it wrong" that she would realize maybe she didn't explain it well enough. I hate it when teachers are like that.

    I hope it gets better! :-\

  3. I'm so sorry about that :/ Here's a virtual hug.

  4. Teachers only know and care for their individual subject. To all teachers, the only class you're taking is theirs. In my time I've come to believe this really is the case.

  5. Oh, I know the pain.

    Our teachers always pile on the homework just before exams (we have 12 of them, for some bizarre reason), leaving no time to study, making me wonder why they're surprised students fail.

    Worst of all, at the end of year 5, they quiz you on random topics from the five years on seven subjects,and give loads of homework.. I'm dreading it.

    Good luck ploughing through it :)

  6. SIX AP TESTS?!?!


    Okay, if everyone did the assignment wrong, then the teacher -obviously- did not explain it well. There's no reason to be a bitch and give everyone a 50. Oh my god.

    Your teachers sound wicked.