Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I rocked it out today

My speech was okay, but seeing as how I was one of three people (out of a class of 20ish kids) that actually gave their speech I think my chances of having one of the highest grades in the class is guaranteed.  I swear. The people in my class (for the most part) are mindless, lazy whores that just sit there and talk about getting drunk on the weekend and sucking dick. I'm not even kidding.

How can you fail speech class? I mean, the class is a joke! We don't even use a textbook in there!

Anyways, personally I know I did pretty good performance-wise with my speech, especially since I didn't even practice it before hand.

Also, I wore my "Why Kant you see that life is Pietzsche" shirt today because I felt like making people confused. It was pretty entertaining to say the least.

I don't even know what day it is BEDA wise (I never know what the date is), but I have a feeling that I'm going to start running on empty pretty darn soon.


  1. You, my friend, lead an epic life.

    I mean. Come on. That shirt? Like I said, epic.

  2. I hear you. I feel like I am running on empty right now, too. I mean, did you read my last entry? I basically just embedded a YouTube video. Yeah, sure, that takes some effort, but that's pretty minimal, mindless copy and paste.

    Quick complaint (sorry): I don't want to give a Spanish presentation tomorrow. I'm terrible at speaking the language to my teacher. SO MUCH PRESSURE.

    That is all.

    (This comment is probably longer than my BEDA post today. Shame.)

  3. I almost failed speech class when I was in second year! I suck at debate.

  4. Well congrats on doing so well on your speech :) My classes were like that, but that was back when I was in secondary school, when I guess you would expect that kind of behaviour. By the way that is one really cool shirt.

  5. i am loving you posting everyday, its awesome.
    keep it up! you can do it! :D
    you are making me smile lots!

  6. NOOO DON'T RUN OUT OF IDEAS! Your posts are WAY better than mine though. Half of the time I just post photos of Disneyland or two sentence journal logs.