Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Of many different things.

So today I had a dentist appointment at 8am (I know, what an unholy summer hour) for a regular check up and cleaning. My mom picked me up from home, drove me there, and while filling out the dental/medical sheet, we messed up twice and had to get new forms.

Yeah. What can I say, it was at an unholy hour. Then after we finished filling out that horrible sheet I went in for my cleaning and check up. Good news, I have zero cavities. Bad news, I went out with more pain than I came in with. What is it with dentists and pain?

Anyways while looking for random philosophy stuff, I stumbled across this odd, yet slightly refreshing website called the Interactive Social Contract. The web address is http://vototron.com/On this website you can create Laws, Bylaws, oppose whatever ideas you disagree with, and support those you do. The navigation takes some getting used to, but overall personally I think it's an enjoyable website! Check it out!

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