Thursday, June 4, 2009

Purge an Individual

I need to start writing, I need to start doing something that doesn't involve pining over someone I won't see until most likely fall. Even then we probably won't talk. As much as I try, reading and art do not smother out the image of the older individual who seems to have commandeered my brain. Not even the tube can help me now.

My only hope is to be so engrossed in my writing and plot development that I will never ever think, regret, or notice this individual ever again.

I'm even contemplating deleting them from my Facebook to get them off my mind. In fact, I might do so. This purge will be good for me. Also, this will be the second time I will have deleted them off. I hope this will make commentary, and overall life in my brain easier living.

How is it someone you haven't seen in weeks can cause so much grief? As much as I've tried denying feelings for said individual, there's always going to be something, even if it's an unpleasant, uneasy feeling.

So every now and then, possibly even day to day I'll give a progress report about my writing in order to keep my mind off of... well you know.


  1. I have a feeling I know who this is......the funny thing is, if it is, I can say I told you so!


  2. CELLLERRRRYYYY!!!! And you probably don't know who it is, and why would you be able to say I told you so?

  3. Trying to find distractions sucks. Good luck with your writing!