Saturday, June 6, 2009

It's a Saturday

Oh. Writing has not been easy. I barely have a page worth of ideas, but I'm not giving up! I'm still deciding on if I want a serious philosophical book, or a comedy. I'm stuck. As good as I am at coming up with witty sayings with little inklings of insight, I'm probably going to go with the serious writing. I can always do comedy later.

Also, I went to see Land of the Lost today. There was a lot of sexual innuendo. A lot. It was funny in some parts, and stupid in all parts, but I had already predicted this.

Another thing I've been working on is Bekka's birthday present. I started on a series of little paintings, but gave up after no initial inspiration. So now I'm working on a different present that involves sewing, cutting, pasting, and possibly electrical tape if I can find it. Oh and super glue, lots of super glue.

The picture in this post is here via Josh Alex...blah blah blah I don't want his name to show up in a google search's Facebook profile. It makes me laugh buckets because it is so true to the core of his being.


  1. That picture is perfection :) Aww!! My birthday is still a bazillion days away. It warms my wittle heart to know that mah bestie is so cool.
    I wanna see Land of The Lost :D

  2. woah. that picture scares me on sooo many levels.