Monday, June 22, 2009

When I need them, they are not there

Today I had my library shift from 2pm-5pm and it was ok. Since the carts and having to shelve books has been slow I mainly shelf read, which just means that I painstakingly checked every single book to see if it was in the right order.

I worked with two of the new volunteers who were quick learners. However one of the previous new volunteers had shelved all of the biographies with the young adult fiction which is a big no-no, and also a major pain in the pancreas.

So me being the good responsible veteran of three years, I just shrugged it off and went to go search for more misplaced biography books. As I was walking to start in the A's I heard a voice. At first I thought I was having a Bella from New Moon moment.

Am I hearing voices? Has the hot Texas sun finally fried my brain? Maybe all those episodes of House turned my brain into goo!

No. I was not hallucinating, going crazy, or developing pre adulthood schizophrenia.

In between the biography isle and the start of the fiction section was non other than the strait man/boy from my nightmares, the man/boy who ruined bits of my first year of high school, the one and only, carrot topped, college bound, Jacob Root.

He and a friend were blocking the already cramped walkway, so, still in shock I muttered an "excuse me" and shuffled past them, shelved books, checked to see if they were in the right order, then I muttered another "excuse me" as I squeezed past them.

As I was checking the books, my mind running frantic, rationalized that I should just pretend that I didn't recognize him (which is ridiculous because no one can forget about someone they know in less than a month).

So there it is. My first meeting with Jacob Root during the summer went well. No douchebaggery exchanged, no sharp words, no involuntary hugging. It was nice.

He didn't even say hi. But then again, neither did I, so it's all good.

After I left them, and after they left the library I wanted to find someone, anyone so I could scream in their faces "I JUST SAW THE PERSON WHO RUINED MY FRESHMAN YEAR, AND I PRETENDED I DID'T RECOGNIZE HIM."

However no one who would have cared was there. Bekka where were you in my time of need?! 'So kay. I know you have a perfectly logical and responsible reason why. If you don't, please make one up. Really.

I didn't tell my family, because they would have made a big deal about it. They seem to have deduced falsely that Jacob and I used to, and could possible still be, going out. WRONG. I would go out with Metcalf before I would date Jacob.

Without this blog I would probably go crazy. It's a good thing I'm going to Palestine to escape any further run ins with people I don't want to see. Then after Palestine, I go into the great unknown back end of east Texas that is teeming with cows and horses. Swimming pool, and better tan: Here I come!


  1. HAHAHAHA!!! The one day I'm not there, he shows up. XD
    And yes, I do have a logical and responsible reason for not being there- My left eye randomly swelled up over night and it hurt like a mofo all day. Add one tummy ache, and I didn't feel like shelf-reading.
    But, I'm all good now.

  2. moments like these really test you and i'm SO glad that you sailed through it. enjoy your summer! be sexy in your tan!