Sunday, June 28, 2009

Not a Smudge.

When I start to feel insignificant, like a tiny little smudge on the window of humanity, I just remember all the times the universe has been kind to me.

Like that one time at a Debate Tourney I placed higher than Philip Hayes, my ivy league bound arch nemesis. Psha, I could so totally win that $250,000 scholarship if I wanted to. Darn him for having a video camera.

Or that one time I found money on the ground, and used it to buy a super awesome T-Shirt.

Or all the times I got "21" while playing BlackJack. Seriously, it happens quite often.

Or whenever I do something, and it benefits not only me, but other people, and then a plethora of good things happen to me.

So when I feel like a tiny smudge, I just think of all the nice things that have happened to me, and all of the small, but great things I've been lucky enough to do, then I don't feel so small.

1 comment:

  1. If you think of alllll the other people in the world, it does make you feel pretty small, doesn't it? It's just weird to think that there are billions of other people that are living on this little sphere of ours...

    Oh, and the t-shirt experience reminds me of when I used money that I found in the trash can to buy some curly fries :)