Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So my parents are fed up with the landlord we have, who is more like a landdouche. We planned on buying a house sometime around December or January this year, but we're having to find one earlier.

The thing that sucks though is the thought of having to move and pack THREE times this late in the year.

A piece of advice, if you ever decide to rent a house temporarily make sure you have a responsible landlord.


  1. My dad moved a few months ago out of an apartment with the most irresponsible landlord ever, so I know how you feel. He was always "going to get it fixed" but never did, and wouldn't let my dad have it done.

  2. Yeah we've learnt that. My friend's landlord just turfed him out onto the streets with his belongings and his cat. Evil, evil man :/

    Hope you find a house soon x

  3. I feel ya!
    I hate moving too. I had to move every year when I was at University, but that was kind of easy since I didn't have a lot of stuff.
    I can imagine it's a pain to move when you have a whole house full of stuff.

    Just hang in there!

  4. SO sorry. hope that your folks' landdouche isn't as bitchy as my mom's! i roll my eyes at that "lady" everythime that i see her.

  5. Thanks for the comment! I love love love the header, it's basically amazing. And the three column-ness of it all :)

    I've never had to deal with a landlord before, but they sound pretty annoying. We moved last year... it was pretty crazy. Good luck with everything!