Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Coupon Snobs

Why are so many people coupon snobs? I cannot count how many times I've been at Micheals, or Hobby Lobby, or even a book store, pulled out a coupon only to see a look of horror with a pinch of disgust on the face of people my own age.

What's so wrong about getting 40% off on a $45 set of inks? I just saved money, and now I can go buy that t-shirt I've been eying at Hot Topic!

It's like, just because you use a coupon it means that you're broke. Whenever I ask people why they don't like coupons, they usually respond with a "It's not cool!" or "It's embarrassing!"

There's nothing embarrassing about saving money, because if you save money, you can buy more stuff. Using a coupon is no different than participating in a current sale, in fact the only thing different is the paper exchange; you still get discounted, you just don't have to hand over a piece of paper.

It's sad that kids my own age don't practice money saving techniques. And it's also worrying, because one day they won't have their parent's money to fall back on, and they're going to have to learn to save money the hard way.


  1. Yeah, I guess it's because when you're young tossing money around is actually considered cool. thrifty? A big no! no!

    But give them a good years, when they start earning their own money, they'll appreciate the value of a coupon.

    It's just common sense. 50% off? Why say no?

  2. As a constant coupon user I get looks like that a lot. Just know that you are saving money while others are squandering it since half the crap we buy is overpriced to start with.

  3. You're completely right. <3 coupons.

  4. If I have coupons, I'll definitely use 'em!

  5. Nah, I get all my stuff during the Big Sale.

  6. It's not really a sign of "kids these days", though perhaps it can be made of Western cultures in general. In any case, it's not unusual. Wealth is power, and to show that you have a limitless wallet is thus a good thing.

    You can make the argument that the reason why men pay for women on dates is for this very reason. Imagine a man pulling out a pocketful of change and coupons in order to pay for their first date --- doesn't that scream sexy?

    I'm not saying it's right. Just that the embarrassment is suitably justified in consideration of certain societal values.

  7. I always use coupons! Or hold onto gift cards for ridiculously long times, or just wait until the item is on super sale. My friends wonder why I have more money saved up- because I don't spend it all every chance I get! Nothing wrong with that.

  8. Coupons are awesome! You get money off things! Why wouldn't anybody want that? *sighs* And yeah, it's sad that people are so liberal with their money now, but as you say, they'll learn =P


  9. I use coupons. i like to attribute it to my practicality. bit then again, how many young people call fall under the umbrella of "practical?"