Sunday, June 28, 2009

Revelations and Plans

SURPRISE. My parents just told me that I'm leaving on Wednesday to go to Oklahoma. My family owns a little house up by a lake, and I was told earlier before school let out that I wasn't going to be able to go, but surprise surprise my parents changed their mind again!
I'm not disappointed, oh no, I'm ecstatic. Maybe now I'll be able to get some moccasins to match my coon skin Davey Crockett hat. It's kind of funny when I go up to Oklahoma because everyone thinks I'm an American Indian, but they are sadly mistaken. I'm 50% Filipino and Whitey, and the only way I'm connected to Native Americans is through marriage. I'm more Jewish than I am Indian. No lie.

Along with finding out that I'm leaving for Oklahoma soon, I discovered that my dad, Mr. Business Entrepreneur was in Leadership of Longview with non other than the father of the boy that made public school hell for me. Luke Durden's dad is friends with my dad. It's the end of the world. Ok, so I'm being over dramatic. I'm entitled to be freaked out, especially since it was Luke who accused me (at a symphony no less!) of being adopted. Also, I might add, Luke is secretly my intellectual rival. Secretly.

So other than the trips I have coming up, I plan on making some super rad digital, and real life art.

I plan on making a LARGE army man, gun and all. Also, I've already made Bekka Birthday gift numero dos. It's super cute.

I plan on making the most of summer, even if I am partially shut off from friends.


  1. You are very lucky! I'd love to be shipped off to Cannes for the summer. Ouu and that Luke Durden guy hehe I'm spotting a future love-hate relationship. Golly, I guess I've been reading too many fictionpress stories.
    Have fun.

  2. Ooh, I hope you have fun in Oklahoma! It's somewhere I've never been. The lake house sounds pretty promising to me, as do the moccasins :) That's cool about your heritage even if you're not really Native American! Good luck making the most of your summer, and have a great week!