Thursday, May 14, 2009

Parents will be.

Getting reprimanded or punished is not something I look forward to.

Many people say that from punishment, you learn a lesson that will keep you out of future trouble and help you out in life.

However, I disagree.  Parents will be parents, and the whole protective thing will always be there,  but it's not the protectiveness of my parents that I hate--- it's their expectations.

Automatically they assume I want to be treated like an adult--- They're wrong.  I want to be treated as someone they created and raised.  They always drive down my throat the "In the real world..." speech which just makes me want to scream that I'm not an adult.  My common sense lacks sometimes because I'm too busy studying, and doing so much school work that at the end of the day my brain is fried.

I may be in AP classes, but I am not perfect.  I mess up, and I usually clean up my mess ups-- however it's like my parents only look at the small fallacies I have and focus on those instead of seeing the big picture, or at least that's how it feels sometimes.

Also, the  way they deal with reprimanding my 'common sense slip-ups' is somewhat driving me away from them.   They wonder why I answer "good" and not elaborate when they ask my how my day went--- well maybe if they didn't criticize every tiny little mistake once I sit down and talk to them I would answer with a full sentence.  It would also help if they didn't throw out the words "stupid"  and "dumb-ss" while lecturing me.

At this point, with all the nagging and whatnot I'm looking forward to attending a faraway university just to escape being called stupid every time something slips my mind.  I'm not stupid, just human.  AND I'm not an adult.

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  1. I think parents seem to look only at the flaws of their kids not because they don't support you or don't care about you, but because they want you to be better. In every way. They all want their kids to be better than them.
    When you're away from home, you'll miss them for sure.