Friday, May 15, 2009

Biology Achievement Exam

So I learned something very valuable today. I don't want a career in Biology.

Today I went with about 40 kids from my school to compete in the Biology achievement exam at Stephen F. Austin University, then take a tour of their Biology department.

It was fun, but not for me. I did end up buying a globe from their gift shop though. Darn you impulsive buying.  However, I did steal quite a few free pens, pencils, and stickers from SFA even though I have no desire whatsoever to go there.

Also, this guy whom MRoS and I lovingly dubbed Rydouche was not so douchy today. In fact he made pleasant conversation with me, and had a nice smile that he flashed every so often. *GASP* It's the sign of the Apocalypse. Not.

He still carries one flaw however, that no matter how pleasant our exchange of words are I'll always still not like him that much.

He treats a lot of my friends who aren't in advance classes like trash. Even the few that are in honors classes he treats like trash. It's not cool. But enough talk about Rydouche.

Last night I had UIL Banquet and it was BORING. I should have brought someone really funny as my plus one. Smart people are boring.

Oh yeah, random picture of Gaspard--- he's so pretty. I luff him.

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  1. leave the biology to me! and i don't like having superficial "friendships" with bad people either :( that douche's nickname is hilarious!