Sunday, May 24, 2009

No time

Summer is a matter of days away. Planning for my super stuffed upcoming school year will start soon.

I've added another thing to my list of events, which probably isn't needed, but I really want to do it. Herpetology club FTW!

The only thing that makes me sad about next year is the fact that my social life outside of school will be non-existent.

>Darn you Debate, AcaDec, Art Club, Z Club, Herpetology Club, and BPA. And those are just the extracurriculars, not the mandatory classes.


  1. but staying busy is so rewarding in weird way.. having no life, being drained, no free time..

  2. well, you'll be busy, but at least you'll be enjoying what you do :)

  3. kudos to you for doing all that. I'm pretty sure that right now I'm wasting away my life by going out every night and dancing with weird german guys.