Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Abusing Free Speech

First off, I'm thankful that I live in a country in which I can freely speak my mind, but I'm tired of people using this privilege for their own selfish negative ways.

No seriously, free speech is a privilege, not a God given right as everyone drags it out to be. I'm tired of hearing excessive profanity and the "n" word, only to be justified with the 'free speech' argument.

It's alright if the occasional word comes out, but I'm talking about the people that open their mouths and a stream of curse words that would make a pirate blush come out.  

People in Burma that range from your everyday blogger, to stand up comedians are being put in jail just because they wanted to get their voice out there. A lot of them are also sent to work camps, where doctors are not present and they contract diseases such as TB, malaria, and other horrible things eventually leading to their deaths.

And every time I hear a kid say, "That dmn nggr! Fck you!!" I cringe, and when they get in trouble, they just say, "FREE SPEECH!"

They take it for granted, and frankly I'm sick of it. I'm tired of my generation and our mindless abuse of privileges. It only needs to foul mouthed fattys.

BLAHHHHH. People make me so angry sometimes.


  1. OMG I know! I can't stand how people will insult someone then throw out "FREE SPEECH LAWL"

    No. It's your priviledge to speak your views, not be an ignorant asshole about it.

    O: You MUST run for political office. I feel with our generation, we won't have that many qualified people running things, hehe.

  2. Yeah, whenever people get in trouble for saying anything they just make a big deal and say it's "free speech" when it really doesn't apply to the situation at all. -__-