Wednesday, May 27, 2009

You need ambition

Sometimes, around other people I come off as really abrasive.

Some other words that can be thrown in there are judgmental, persuasive, hard-headed, sarcastic, and a plethora of other adjectives.

However, it's not because I've got a predisposition against everyone, it's just that I disapprove of people without ambition, and once I find out that they have none, it's a bit hard for me to see them in any other light besides "slacker".

At school, or around individuals of my age I get so frustrated when people waste their resources and don't care. I work hard in school, and I'm doing everything under the sun to build up my resume in order to look outstanding to colleges and employers. When I hear people complain, and I know they're just a "slacker" I get angry.

There's this guy in my AP art class who is an excellent artist, however everything he says is just a complaint or criticism. Every assignment we have he complains. He has no plans for the future, wears the same shirt every day, and eats only poptarts and junk food.

All those negatives aside, I tried talking to him--- I GAVE him the benefit of the doubt and he ended up calling me stuck up, and told me I'm going to have a miserable life because I have no free time to go outside and burn garbage.

Ok, so maybe to you guys that last part doesn't make sense, but seriously? Is this overweight guy kidding himself? I matter of factly told him that I am happy doing volunteer work and joining clubs, because in the future I'll have a job that I'm going to enjoy going to every day. I also informed him that I would be more happy at whatever job I end up at then he ever will working at McDonalds.

Harsh? I think not. He has talent, but he's wasting it on mindless garbage. He has no ambition or goal in life.

And I'm not one to judge goals. One of my best friends aspires to be a pro-wrestler, another a hairstylist, and one just wants to live in Japan one day. They want something out of life, whereas the guy in my art class just wants to complain and criticize everything that isn't up to his trailer trash standards.

I don't like to associate myself with people who are stagnant and without goals. I may be harsh and a ball buster, but at least I'm going somewhere in life.

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  1. I think everyone has a different definition of happiness. You may have a lot of work, but you obviously enjoy what you do. If the direction he is heading was his definition of happiness, then it would be wrong to criticize him; however, he obviously dislikes his current situation, so it's kind of ridiculous of him to put you down for liking what you do.