Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The country is nice

No, I'm not talking about a foreign country, although I am fond of those, I'm talking about rural areas in which 85% of the population farms or owns livestock.

It's nice, quite, slow, and best of all polite.

In the rural back-end of Texas people genuinely say "y'all" and wave at complete strangers driving by. Don't have any sugar at your house? Don't worry, just go down the road and borrow a cup from your neighbor.

Today my grandpa and I went down the road to the service station nearby where some farmers had set up a tent selling peaches, blueberries, and blackberries. When we drove up the guy was playing his guitar, and as soon as he saw us he flashed us a big smile.

Sadly, they just ran out of blackberries when we arrived so we just got some peaches and blueberries. Last summer I wrote about going to buy produce from a farm market with my grandparents, and I'm glad that I get to continue to participate in the tradition :)

Fresh food is the best. And I'm not talking about the kind from supermarkets.


  1. That kind of country is quite pleasant :) When we drive from PA to Ohio to go to my cousins', we always go past this one stretch where there are farmers selling the best peaches, strawberries, and blueberries ever! So delicious. Yay for keeping up your tradition!

  2. :) I guess im just used to it, but I live in a rural area, (that is starting to develop) and all over the place we have farmers, I live on nine acres of forest and my neighbors down the street own a farm and have livestock. But i know what you mean, the fresh foods, always taste better.