Monday, June 28, 2010

It's raining, and I'm finding myself without time.

Usually around this time of summer I find myself with nothing to do, however it seems that I'm all booked up for once.

Wednesday I had the intention to hang out with my friend Bekka and go thrifting, but it seems that my parents have yet again made plans. In fact, right before I was going to ask my parents about doing this my step mom tells me that we're going to Dallas.

Not that I'm complaining. I love Dallas, and I would be crazy to pass up eating at Babes (their fried chicken is to die for!!), but I wish I could have had the opportunity to hang out with Bekka. Oh well, our thrifting will probably have to wait another day.

In other news, it's raining like crazy in my town. It gives a whole new definition to summer showers. Also, not to be a kill joy, but the rain is making the weeds and grass everywhere grow 5X as fast as it normally does.....if only it made my hair grow that fast.

Another thing, I don't have rain boots, and I have an affinity for the sandals I bought so I'm always having wet, or damp feet :/ No me gusta. A simple solution would be to buy some rain boots, but I'm too darn busy to do so!! Maybe I'll find a nifty pair of Morton-salt-girl yellow rain boots when I go thrifting. Or perhaps a cool journal. I'm in the market for one of those too. And a hat box. The list goes on.

Oh yeah, more good news! I've just finished typing my 5th review for the summer reading club, which means only three more books to go! I'm currently working on 2 books right now, but they're going kind of slow. I'm too lazy to go and exchange them, and too stubborn to actually out put the effort and find more interesting books to read so I'll just bare through it. Or play DDR, which is what I seem to be doing more often when I find myself with free time at home!

Eeek!! There's a lot of thundering going on right now, and I don't want my electricity to go out before I publish so I'm going to go ahead and stop rambling...


  1. awww, lately I don't know what it is but up here in Canada it has been raining like mad as well. I'm starting to wonder if everything is about to take a drastic turn, the earthquake and tornadoes on the same day didn't help either. We have never had an earth quake that big and the last time we really had one was like nine years ago. Something odd is happening in the land of Oz, hehe. (sorry just recently watched Alice in Wonderland.)

  2. you know what the best part of the rain is... sleeping through it mmmmm....

  3. Found your blog today :) I love your honesty and your disclaimer. I was laughing the whole time while I was reading it, only cause I wish I had the guts to be that forward on my own blog.

    I'll check back soon :)